The Parvati hill is in fact a complex of five temples constructed by the Peshwas. The hill is 2100ft above mean sea level and is on of the highest point in the city. The temples on the top of this hill include those of Devadeveshwar (Shiva and Parvati) , Karttikeya, Vishnu , Vitthaland Rukmini. The Devadeveshwar temple was constructed by Nanasaheb Peshawa in 1749. There is a memorial structure of Nanasaheb Peshwa on this hill. Another noteworthy structure is a small museum housing the objects used during the Peshwa rule. This hill is the most favourite spot of the nature lovers and fitness freaks. The hill has an extension towards the western side which was once a forest covered area and a small sanctuary known as the Parvati Vanavihara. The gentle slope of the hill, the easy ascent with good 103 steps and the fresh air at the top of the hill, have made this place a very popular exercise point. A number of people climb the hill early in the morning or in the evening and enjoy the atmosphere while watching the sunrise or sunset. There is a small cave at the back of the hill but nothing is known about its period or patronage. The Parvati temple complex is open from 5 am to 8pm.