Omkareshwar Temple

The Omkareshwar Temple is situated in the Shaniwar Peth on the banks of river Mutha. This is a Shiva temple constructed between 1740 to 1760 C.E. by Krishnajipant Chitrav. The temple faces east and has an impressive gateway. There is a Nagarakhana (a small music hall) over the gateway. There is a huge courtyard surrounded by many small rooms, now inhabited by the priests. The courtyard has a Nandi shrine facing the temple. The temple is unique as far as the plan and elevations are concerned. The ceiling of the temple is divided into nine domes constructed with bricks. The sanctum houses a huge Shivalinga. The roof of the temple also appears unusual as instead of one tower there are nine towers above it. The interior of the temple has a number of niches and a few arches that remind one of the medieval Islamic architecture. The area near the temple was a cremation ground earlier. Even today, across the road, there is a place where the post cremation rituals are performed. The temple complex is surrounded by a thick stone masonry wall which had withstood the flood after the breakage of the Panshet dam in 1961. The Nandi mandapa was damaged at that time. Along with the main temple there are many other shrines in the complex like those of Vishnu, Bhavani, Ganesh, Hanuman, Shani etc. the temple is open for the whole day and religious festivals like the Mahashivaratra and Shravani Somvar (Mondays in the month of Shravana) are celebrated with great enthusiasm here.